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Help us stop the pet deception online!


It’s getting more and more common to buy pets online via classified ads sites. No matter, if you are seeking a puppy, a kitten, a rabbit or a even a horse. The worldwide online trade of animals is booming. However, poor regulations have allowed many classified ads sites to become a haven for deception and animal suffering. This is a major problem, as many sites fail to meet the required standards for protecting animals sold online, as well as the people looking for a pet. It’s in the hands of global companies such as eBay who own 17 classified ad sites around the world (including Marktplass), to change that and lead the way . 


FOUR PAWS has developed a set of measures to help secure the well-being of animals who are sold via online platforms.


Add your voice and call on eBay to lead the way in protecting pets and people by introducing FOUR PAWS measures across all it’s sites. 


Visit and sign our petition to stop the pet deception!