Ways YOU can #LiveKinder

What if we started living a little kinder? 

This year we are encouraging everyone to #LiveKinder and tread a little lighter – especially when it comes to our relationship with animals. With a few small changes we can all #LiveKinder  - let’s be kinder in what we eat, kinder in what we do and kinder in how we treat animals and the planet. Every little action can have a huge impact, and collectively we have the power to protect animals and the planet. Whilst we all are still living with the fallout of COVID-19 we are becoming increasingly aware of the link between the way we treat animals and the planet, and the subsequent emergence of global pandemics. Over 75% of pandemics have come from animals, including wildlife and farmed animals. The message is clear - we need to change the way we live. Are you prepared to #LiveKinder?

These changes do not need to be big to make a significant impact. Even a few small steps in the right direction can, and will, make a big difference.

Click here if you would like to know more about the link between animal welfare and pandemics.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” 


Ways YOU can #LiveKinder

Make the headlines

Help out your local animal shelter or animal rescue by keeping your old newspapers and donating them – shelters and rescues who house rescued or abandoned animals use large amounts of newspaper to keep animal cages clean and they use it for all sorts of daily care tasks.

Water is life

Look out for pets who are left without water during the day and be an animal hero by placing a recycled plastic container like an old margarine or ice cream container in their property with fresh, clean water.

Declutter for a good cause

Go through your house, garage, cupboard, bookshelf and clothes closet and take out everything of good quality or use that you don’t use, wear or like anymore. Challenge your friends to do the same. Sell all the second-hand goods either at a market or online and donate the money you raised to your favourite or closest animal welfare. Some animal welfares also have charity shops where you can donate the items to – they sell the items and use the money received towards treating animals in need.

Use your cents for change

Commit to putting all your change after every shop in a glass jar towards a donation to your favourite animal welfare. If you don’t really use cash and only swipe your card, commit to putting a small amount, even R5, of every card purchase you make, towards an animal welfare savings account. Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to donate the spare change in their pockets as well, commit to getting this together for a month, or even for a year and then hand over the donation to the animal welfare or charity of your choice.

Birthday donations

Celebrate your birthday a bit differently this year by being paw-some and giving back to others. Ask your family and friends to not give you any gifts for your birthday but to rather make a donation towards your favourite animal charity as a birthday gift to you. Decide on which welfare you want to support, create an event on your social media channels like Facebook, send an email or WhatsApp and spread the word.

Get back to basics

There are certain items that a shelter or animal rescue are always in need of. See which of these items you might have lying around at home, ask your family, friends and colleagues whether they have these items, or even commit to collecting 67 of these items and drop them off at your nearest animal welfare. Items like towels and blankets, newspapers, trash bags, and disinfecting and cleaning items are always needed.