ways to #LiveKinder for big cats

What if we started living a little kinder?

This year we are encouraging everyone to #LiveKinder and tread a little lighter – especially when it comes to our relationship with animals. With a few small changes we can all #LiveKinder  - let’s be kinder in what we eat, kinder in what we do and kinder in how we treat animals and the planet. Every little action can have a huge impact, and collectively we have the power to protect animals and the planet. Whilst we all are still living with the fallout of COVID-19 we are becoming increasingly aware of the link between the way we treat animals and the planet, and the subsequent emergence of global pandemics. Over 75% of pandemics have come from animals, including wildlife and farmed animals. The message is clear - we need to change the way we live. Are you prepared to #LiveKinder?

These changes do not need to be big to make a significant impact. Even a few small steps in the right direction can, and will, make a big difference.

Click here if you would like to know more about the link between animal welfare and pandemics.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” 


#LiveKinder for BIG CATS

Say no to trophy hunting  

This is a cruel and unnecessary sport where people shoot mostly big game animals such as rhinos, elephants, big cats and bears to take home their heads or skins, for pleasure. Learn more about the Vicious Cycle.

Only visit True Sanctuaries

That means saying no to places where you can pet, walk with, take photos with or interact with wild cats such as lions and tigers. A true sanctuary will have no breeding, no trading and allow no interaction with its wild animals. Instead of allowing interactions, the focus of a sanctuary would be on animal welfare, education and providing a home for rescued animals that cannot be released into the wild. Make sure you only visit ethical sanctuaries – click through to find out which true sanctuary is closest to you.

Big cats = big appetite

Donate a meal or predator powder supplement to one of our big cats at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary. With more than 100 predators in their care, every bit helps to assist us in continuing to provide these animals the necessary nutrition they need. Challenge your friends to also donate a meal.

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