In Memory of Heli Dungler

helping animals in crisis

FOUR PAWS operates a rapid response, highly skilled expert unit equipped to help animals in the face of natural disaster or catastrophes caused by humans.

Disaster Relief

FOUR PAWS assists communities where animals are affected by disaster

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emergency response

Find out more about FOUR PAWS aid to animals in crisis regions

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Recent Mission

FOUR PAWS helps starving animals in Sudan

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former & ongoing missions

Vet giving treatment to abandoned dog

Hurricane in Puerto Rico

Help for abandoned animals 

Puppy getting vaccination

Don't wait vaccinate

Pilot project protects animals and humans from life-threatening infections #DontWaitVaccinate


No Land in Sight

Emergency Response on Americans East Coast

Löwe in einem Zoo nahe der syrischen Stadt Aleppo

Mission to Syria

13 animals finally rescued from a destroyed zoo close to Aleppo

Tiger in cage in Gaza

Mission to Gaza

Zoo animals brought safely out of Gaza, 2016