Our education manual

Download our education manual for FREE 

Did you know we have our own education manual? 

We invite children and teachers of all walks of life on a wonderful journey into the fascinating world of animals. The lessons from our manual help children learn about animals, to understand and respect them. They will also experience how animals live, what they feel and what people can do to help them. 

Our education pack consists of a manual, a flipchart and an activity pack and you can get it all FOR FREE!  

The manual consists of 10 lessons aimed at two age groups: younger (4-7 years) and older (8+ years) children. The audience and lessons can be adjusted to age, literacy level and development. Our main objective is to promote the development of knowledge, empathy, understanding and a love for animals and the environment. 

Our manual is perfect for you if you are

  • A parent wanting some information geared to teaching your kids about animals and their welfare
  • A teacher, or part of a school, creche or any educational institution dealing with youngsters
  • Work with troubled youth who you want to learn about empathy and caring for animals
  • Work at a public library where children frequent and need content for school holiday programs
  • Home school your children or run a home school for a small group of children
  • Work in animal welfare where you educate children or even adults
  • Want pre-planned lessons on animal welfare with talking points, Q and A’s and activities