Our education manual

Did you know we have our own education manual?

The original ‘Close to Animals’ was developed in Europe for FOUR PAWS International and has now been re-imagined for the African environment as ‘Close to Animals – Africa Edition’.

We invite children and teachers of all walks of life on a wonderful journey into the fascinating world of animals. These lessons will help children get to know animals better, to understand and respect them. They will also experience how animals live, what they feel and what people can do to help them.

The manual consists of 10 lessons in total aimed at two age groups -  younger (4-7 years) and older (8+ years) children. The audience and lessons can be adjusted to age, literacy level and development. Our main objective is to promote the development of empathy, understanding and a love for animals and the environment.

For more information on the manual and to purchase your very own, please contact Tanya –

For more information on the manual and to purchase your very own

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Get a sneak peak of the activities that come with the manual. Download the whole workbook or click on the PDF of your choice and you'll get a fun activity to download.

These activities form part of our FOUR PAWS education manual Close to Animals, re-created and re-imaged by Hero In My Hood.

Visit Hero In My Hood for more activities, downloads and printouts on various educational topics relevant to the South African experience.

The manual

The manual

-           A yellow A4 size book with ring binder for the person in the teaching capacity to prepare lessons
 -          Consists of 10 lessons of various lengths. Each lesson has suggested talking points, activities, Q and A’s
-          Lessons grouped in two different categories, identified by different icons, to be used by ‘teacher’s’ own discretion.

The flipchart

The flipchart

-          A red A3 size branded flipchart with ring binder.
          This is the teaching tool, with one side being the illustrations accompanying the lesson, and on the other side notes, questions and key ideas for teacher to use during lesson
-          The folder can stand up by itself.

The activity folder

The activity folder

-          Each lesson is accompanied by one or more activity sheet. 
-          The folder also has a cover page where child can add their name, enabling them to personalise their work and make their own file with all the activity sheets in
-          Teachers can decide to copy all sheets at once and hand to child in booklet form, or hand out one by one as lessons are taught and completed.