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(per animal per day)

Feed a big cat for just R70 per day. They require an average of 40kg of raw meat per week. Give them a meal.

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(per day for all animals)

Spices, toys and everything nice. This is important to spark their interest and help to keep them physically and mentally stimulated to forget their horrible pasts.

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Like any other cat or animal, big cats are not exempt from illness, and therefore must be protected for their health and welfare.

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Medication & supplementation 
(per animal)

For optimum health, our big cats require medication and specialized. It’s vital that they receive quality supplementation!

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(per enclosure)

We need to maintain enclosures’ at the highest safety and protection possible. Help us keep their homes safe and secure.

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Fuel & Transport

Large enclosures stretched over 1300 hectares of rough landscape requires a robust vehicle fleet for feeding, emergencies, transfers of rescues and transporting for medical checks.

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(per week)

Our front-line team have fostered special relationships with our big cats, and plays an important role in their well-being

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Vet Check 
(per animal)

Medical interventions save lives. Contributing towards the vet cost enables us to do early detection and prevention.

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lionsrock big cat sanctuary is home to more than 100 big cats

By buying a virtual present, your gift will contribute to a greater cause, and you are giving our big cats hope for a better future.

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