Volunteer with us

Support our animal welfare work by becoming a FOUR PAWS volunteer!

As an international organisation with offices in ten countries and projects all around the world, we are always looking for dedicated individuals interested in donating their time and talents to supporting our cause.

There are a variety of opportunities for volunteers to assist FOUR PAWS in creating sustainable solutions for animals in need:

  • Office and creative volunteers
  • Sanctuary volunteers
  • Activists


You can make a difference by ensuring that bears and other wild animals being held in captivity are rescued, by educating the public about the cruelty endured by farm animals, and by promoting better care for stray animals.

Here are just a few examples of roles that can have a direct and positive impact on the lives of animals:

  • Detail-oriented research to support current and upcoming campaigns
  • Public speaking skills can help us to educate the public and youth
  • Creation of exciting content and monitoring of social media platforms
  • Design of flyers informing about our various projects and causes with the goal of raising awareness among the public
  • Creative writing of 'thank you' cards to our donors and supporters
  • Implementation of expertise to initiate change in policies and laws on animal welfare standards
  • Creation of video and photographic content that will engage and motivate our audience to become active for animals in need

Please note that we ask office volunteers to commit for a minimum three months.


Our sanctuaries provide animals that cannot be returned to the wild with a home suited to their species and where they can spend the rest of their lives in comfort and safety. A vital part of creating sustainable solutions for animals rescued from captivity is to educate the public.

Our sanctuaries, located across Europe and in Asia, are always in need of volunteers willing to lend a helping hand. You can help by:

  • observing bear behaviour to track how well the aimals are adjusting to their new enclosures and whether they are displaying normal instincts in their new species-appropriate environment
  • supporting staff members with maintenance work, such as painting, repair work, and keeping the landscape in order
  • providing animal enrichment, helping with food preparation and feeding
  • sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors as a tour guide 

Please note that we ask sanctuary volunteers to commit for a minimum four weeks.

You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities at LIONSROCK Sanctuary in South Africa here.


As an activist, you can make a direct impact on animal welfare!

In order to raise awareness about our campaigns and projects, we are always looking for volunteers to actively help us spread the word. Here is what you can do:

  • Sign our online petitions and share social media posts with friends and family
  • Organize a fun-run or other activity to support our fundraising efforts
  • Help us educate the public at an organized FOUR PAWS event or protest
  • Gather signatures for petitions
  • Hand out informational flyers
  • Establish an activist group in your local community, with our support

If your skills and talents are not listed here, this does not mean that we don't need your support! Contact us to find out how you can get involved.


Please send your CV and a cover letter to: and indicate your availability, qualifications or previous volunteer experience that would be beneficial to the role you are interested in.

*(Please note that not all roles are available at all times)

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