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Trishanka Thoolsi 

Trish The Activist 

Trishanka Thoolsi, more commonly known as Trish The Activist, is an animal rights activist and aspiring animal rights lawyer in South Africa. She fights for the ethical and humane treatment of not only our domestic and wild animals in South Africa, but all over the world. Trish has been vegan for many years and continuously lives her life with the view that the true testament of a person’s morals is the way in which they treat those who cannot repay them. The past year [2020] has forced us to take a step back and realize the little things in life are the most important and within those little things falls Kindness and Compassion. Find her on Instagram.

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Lorna Eppel

Life with Lorna

Lorna Eppel from Life with Lorna, is a young inspiring entrepreneur living in the city of Johannesburg trying to #LiveKinder in all facets of her life whether its creating healthy wholesome recipes, her photography or her magical tea blends. Lorna says: “This year for my birthday I decided to post a fund raiser online for donations instead of gifts because I wanted to do something special and meaningful! We can all live a little kinder just by the things we say as well as the way we treat those around us, by choosing to adopt not shop, cutting down on single use plastics and by following a more plant-based lifestyle. All of these things, big and small can make our beautiful planet a kinder place to be!” Find her on Instagram.

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The Leaf Eaters

Vernon & Simóne 

Vegan couple Vernon & Simóne aka The Leaf Eaters, are passionate about vegan recipes and product reviews on their social media channel, and love showing others how easy it is to live kinder. Simóne says: “We live kinder by choosing not to consume any products derived from animals and instead opt to support vegan friendly products and businesses. In return we are healthier, happier and we fight climate change as a result of our vegan lifestyle. We do not purchase products that are tested on animals and live a cruelty-free lifestyle. One of our go-to vegan dishes is pumpkins fritters (aka pampoen koekies). It’s so delicious and tastes exactly like we remember from our childhood days.”  Find them on Instagram

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Anda Mtshemla 

Anda Mtshemla is a food blogger and culinary creative from Joburg. She’s been vegan for nearly 5 years and while she was motivated to go vegan for environmental and health reasons, she's stayed vegan because of fundamental ethics behind this lifestyle, namely animal liberation. Anda lives kinder every day by sharing vegan recipes and food inspo on her blog 24Karrots and sharing vegan meals with friends and family. Follow her on Instagram

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Tamu By Jane

Jane Nshuti

Jane is a self-taught vegan chef and plant-based recipe developer who is passionate about helping families eat healthier meals. From here her business Tamu By Jane was born: she understands that moms and dads are just too busy looking after their kids to also make nutritious meals. Tamu by Jane provides easy-to-order Sunday lunch for families, helping busy families to #livekinder. Find her on Instagram.           

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Fulani Vegan

Abdourahamane Ly 

Abdourahamane Ly aka Fulani Vegan, is a Guinean vegan activist based in Rwanda. He lives kinder by eating a 100% plant based diet and reducing his harm to non-human animals as much as possible while advocating for their rights. Find him on Instagram.  

Health alignment

Michaela Leach

Michaela (aka Health Alignment) is a plant-based chef, recipe developer, and food photography. She chooses to #livekinder every day by excluding animal products and ingredients from her life and diet. Her goal is to show others how easy it can be to eat more plant-based. Find her super easy Crunchy Choc Nut cookies recipe and visit her website


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