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FOUR PAWS aims to sterilise 600 dogs and cats in Pella


Successful Mamre project extends to another West Coast town

FOUR PAWS International animal welfare foundation aims to sterilise 70% of the breeding population of cats and dogs in the community of Pella. This project forms part of our successful Mending Mamre – A Mass Animal Sterilization and Education Project, a partnership between FOUR PAWS South Africa and African Tails and is called the Pella Extension.


The project will aim to sterilize a combination of 600 dogs and cats. According to the project census, there are around 900 animals (combined dogs and cats) in Pella.


Together the two organisations will aim to sterilize 70% of the breeding population.

The education program will also be extended to the one primary school in the town where a weekly schedule will run with the children. The primary school consists of around 400 learners (grade R to grade 7) who will be educated, along with a few additional playgroups of around 100 learners, making the total amount educated a possible 500 children. The project also envisions educating around 1 000 adults in this town via our door-to-door sourcing of animals for the project, and other educational interactions.


“Education is key to the long-term success of a sterilisation project. Engaging with pet owners about caring for their animals, and teaching young children compassion for animals is the only way we'll end the abuse, abandonment, and neglect,” says Tanya van Tonder, project coordinator for Stray Animal Care, FOUR PAWS South Africa”


FOUR PAWS had contributed towards stay animal care since 2017 starting off in Mamre by sterilizing more than 1600 animals and educating almost 6000 people as part of the education programme.


“Our research in the Pella area has indicated that there is an overwhelming need for education in basic animal welfare. The services offered by FOUR PAWS will address the basic information including correct food, shelter, water, medical care and respect. Over the next few months we will be working systematically through the area, and visiting each household, providing each owner with the opportunity to sterilise their dog or cat. We are also very excited for the education sessions at Pella Moravian Primary School,” says Fiona Miles, director of FOUR PAWS in South Africa.