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Animal protection success in Great Britain: Government announcement – Ban on wild animals in circuses should come into force 2015



The British government has published a draft law today which bans all wild animals in circuses, starting from December 2015. With this step, Great Britain joins a long list of European countries that already ban the use  of non-domesticated animals in circuses.


The new bill in Britain will enter into force on 1st Dec. 2015, and the ban will include all animals who are not domesticated. Preceding the decision today, FOUR PAWS and other big animal welfare organizations have campaigned for years for a ban on wild animals in circuses. Up until now, the British government has not taken  any significant steps to further animal protection in circuses. A licensing scheme for circuses with wild animals was not very successful. But the new law, which was announced today by the British government, will effectively stop the suffering of many wild animals.


A few weeks ago, Slovenia also announced a ban on wild animals in circuses. 15 European states have already restricted or prohibited the use  of wild animals in circuses. Great Britain will be the 16th state.


Link to the British draft law