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Pasta manufacturer De Cecco ends use of cage eggs in products


FOUR PAWS campaign success with cage eggs app

© FOUR PAWS l Gabriel Paun

FOUR PAWS can report that the well-known Italian pasta manufacturer De Cecco has recently ceased using cage eggs in its pasta products. This is another success for the animal welfare organisation’s campaign against eggs from battery hens. The app, developed by FOUR PAWS for consumers, had listed De Cecco products as containing cage eggs. After negotiations with FOUR PAWS the company eventually agreed to end the use of these eggs.

“De Cecco has recently modified the production of all its egg pasta products” said a delighted Indra Kley, national campaigner. “We now very much hope that this can act as a good example to others. Unfortunately there are still some Austrian companies which refuse to reveal the origin of the eggs they use.”


“De Cecco has always advocated environmental protection. Now we are extending our corporate responsibility to animals too”, says De Cecco spokesperson Marco Camplone. “We have chosen to go even further than the requirements of the EU regulations.” Within the EU so-called “enriched cages” are still permitted.


“In Austria it is now almost impossible to sell battery eggs, but hidden in processed products they are everywhere”, says Indra Kley. Eggs in Austria have to be labelled, but manufacturers of processed products are still not obliged to declare the origins of the eggs in their food. For years now, FOUR PAWS has been calling for mandatory labelling also for processed products.


Although traditional battery cages for egg laying have been illegal in Austria since 2009, the enriched cages which may still be used until 2020 are still, after all, cages. They offer scarcely any more space: “We’re talking here about the size of a beer mat”, says Indra Kley. As long as this method of keeping hens is still legal in Austria FOUR PAWS appeals to all consumers not to buy products containing eggs, or only to buy those on which the keeping method (e.g. organic free-range) is marked.


The FOUR PAWS app: greater transparency for consumers


The FOUR PAWS app gives consumers quick and easy information on the origin of the eggs in processed products. FOUR PAWS staff have already registered over 2,600 items in their database and have written to hundreds of producers, both in Austria and abroad, to collect the necessary information. The shopper simply scans a product’s barcode with their mobile phone, and if the product is already in the database, the app will show a photograph, the name, brand and manufacturer, together with the status of the eggs used.


“In this way the consumer can immediately find out if the product contains battery eggs or not. The status ‘in progress’ means that a query is currently with the manufacturer”, explains Indra KLey. With this app FOUR PAWS is making a major contribution to bringing more transparency to the food industry.