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A new home for two Croatian zoo bears


FOUR PAWS will support the Kuterevo Bear Refuge in Croatia build a new enclosure to accommodate two bears from the municipal zoo in Split. For a long time now, the zoo has received criticism for the way it keeps brown bears and other animals. A change in the city’s government has finally brought a new readiness to significantly improve conditions, and to give the bears up to the sanctuary. If the construction work goes to plan, the two bears from Split will be able to move into their new enclosure in Kuterevo Bear Sanctuary in spring 2015.

The two bears will move into their new species-appropriate enclosure at Bear Refuge Kuterevo in spring 2015.

Kuterevo Bear Refuge to become new home for abused bears

Kuterevo Bear Refuge, in Croatia’s Velebit hills, was originally intended as a shelter where orphaned bears could be brought up. The refuge was founded in 2002 by the “Velebitska Udruga Kuterevo” association. Currently, eight bears are living in four enclosures closely resembling their natural habitat. 

FOUR PAWS claims for a ban of private keeping of bears in Croatia

Alongside financial support for the new enclosure, FOUR PAWS will help with expert advice on managing bears. In the future, the bear refuge Kuterevo shall be extended by building more enclosures which would allow the sanctuary to accept Croatia’s last remaining bears in private hands. FOUR PAWS research suggests there are still three privately-kept bears in Croatia. However, for these bears to be rescued, the Croatian government must first put in place the necessary legislation, so FOUR PAWS is also working at this political lever in Croatia.