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FOUR PAWS’ goals


FOUR PAWS wishes to work with other organisations operating in Vietnam to rescue the last remaining bile bears there, and thus bring an end to the illegal exploitation of these animals. The aim is to permanently reduce the number of bears in illegal keeping, and end it altogether by 2018.


To reach our goal, we are taking the following measures:


  • FOUR PAWS gives financial and technical assistance to existing wild animal sanctuaries.


  • FOUR PAWS urges the Vietnamese government to enforce its decision in 2005 that bear farms should be phased out.


  • FOUR PAWS raises public awareness about the problem of bile bears via intensive training and educational work.


  • FOUR PAWS plans to build its own bear sanctuary, open to the public, in northern Vietnam, for at least 100 former bile bears. This would be a species-appropriate new home for the bears, which would never have to suffer again. To this end, FOUR PAWS plans to start by working with the government to have the farms near the sanctuary closed down, and to take over the bears from those farms. The initial construction phase should be completed by the start of 2017, and the first bears could be transferred in the spring.


FOUR PAWS wishes to express its appreciation for the work of other NGOs that have already been able to help Vietnam’s bile bears, and that continue to push for the bears’ rescue.

Planning our own bear sanctuary in Vietnam