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Ten little bear orphans preparing for winter in Harghita


Ten orphan bear cubs are currently being raised without human influence within the special bear conservation project  from FOUR PAWS in Harghita. They will be released into the wild when they have reached the appropriate age. As a human-distant environment is essential for a successful reintroduction, the station is closed to public visitors.

© FOUR PAWS l Leonardo Berezcky

Young bear fates

The bears have no names and the employees of the Bear Orphan Station can now hardly tell the difference between them. A male bear cub, which clearly still differs from the others by the colour of his coat, was very lucky as the employees of Harghita Orphanage remembered that during a tough winter period, his mother was disturbed from a group of hunters. Although the bear wanted to save her cub, she had to flee because of the approaching dogs. A hunter finally brought the orphaned cub to Harghita Orphanage, where it now lives and is preparing to return to the wild again.

© FOUR PAWS l Leonardo Berezcky

In addition, a female bear cub barely survived as the young animal had an infectious eye when it came to the Bear Orphan Station. According to a study, a cataract was diagnosed in the other eye and the doctors gave the bear no chance of recovery or a future in the wild. However, a Hungarian veterinarian operated on the bear and she underwent a two-month special treatment. When she returned to the Bear Station, she was almost completely healed and it is now difficult to distinguish her from the other bears.

© FOUR PAWS l Leonardo Berezcky

Winter is coming

Now winter is coming and the ten little bears will retreat into their burrows soon. They are well nourished and therefore well prepared for hibernation. In the summer, new enclosures for the bears were built so that in the winter the bears will have more protection.


Three to ten orphan bears are found every year in Romania and there are about 5,000 bears thought to be living in the forests of Carpathia and Transylvania. However, the population of brown bears in Romania is threatened daily by poachers and by damage done to the brown bears' habitat.