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#2sour2ignore: FOUR PAWS hopes to rescue remaining animals from Khan Younis Zoo


#2sour2ignore: The last survivors at Khan Younis Zoo need to be rescued NOW!


For several months now, FOUR PAWS has been working to help tiger Laziz and 15 other animals suffering at the Khan Younis Zoo in Gaza, referred to by some as the "worst zoo in the world". After an extremely tough start to negotiations, we can now finally see a way out for the animals affected. But we can't do it without you!


Click here to donate and help our efforts to rescue all the remaining animals at Khan Younis and transfer them to species-appropriate sanctuaries:

#2sour2ignore: What is the Lemon Challenge?

The plight of the animals at Khan Younis Zoo has left a bitter taste in the mouths of animal lovers. As a symbolic show of support for the animals, we're asking people to take part in a lighthearted challenge to raise awareness of our work in Gaza.


Bite a lemon. Film it. Upload it to your social channels. Donate and nominate your friends to do the same. Simples! Use #2sour2ignore and together we can raise more awareness and money for this important rescue effort.


Find out more here: