The Animal Heroes Community Kids Club 

At FOUR PAWS we believe in showing kindness towards our human and animal friends. 


Education plays an integral part in creating a world where we show kindness, respect, empathy and understanding towards animals and each other. Teaching children empathy for living creatures, not only betters the lives of the animals they encounter, but also builds and strengthens a community for years to come. This is the idea behind our Animal Heroes Community Kids Clubs.   

Our first, and currently only club, operates in the community based just outside our project, LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary. The Bohlokong Animal Heroes are in the Bohlokong area of Bethlehem and are for children from the local community, aged 6 -16 years, who want to learn about animals and their welfare. These 35 learners meet our educator for weekly educational sessions at the local community hall. We also host holiday programs for these children during the school holidays. During their time as part of the Animal Heroes Community Kids Club, leaners will complete the FOUR PAWS South Africa Education Manual and enjoy celebration days such as World Animal Day to name but a few.

Due to the continued national lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic our weekly sessions with the Bohlokong Animal Heroes are still on pause – we however continue to support these 35 learners with ‘distance learning’ in the form of a monthly education and care pack. We have been handing out these packs since June 2020. Each month the children receive an education activity pack filled with activities, tips and information; as well as item/s they can use towards their own or their families personal care