is the global animal welfare organisation for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding. 

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Together we can prevent the outbreak of future pandemics

interception of dogs in Siem Reap Cambodia.

End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

An estimated 30 million dogs and an unknown number of cats enter the meat trade every year making it arguably one of the most severe .....

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Add your support to end the captive breeding in South Africa

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With no clear rules and regulations within the European Union tigers are being bred, traded and moved with no one really knowing exactly ...

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We can all #LiveKinder. Let’s be kinder in what we eat, kinder in what we do and kinder in how we treat animals and the planet.

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factory farming

The Atlas Challenge

The FOUR PAWS meat reduction ranking

Transfer tiger Caruso

Tiger King – everyone is watching, no one is acting

The truth behind Joe Exotic and Tiger King season 2 on Netflix!

Woman with sheep

New study: Pandemic leads to increased demand for compassion in fashion

FOUR PAWS reveals that almost 90 per cent want fashion industry to prioritise animal welfare

Tourist holding lion cub


FOUR PAWS is fighting to ban the commercial trade of ALL big cats in South Africa.

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Animal Rescues​​​​​​

Read more about our emotional animal rescues.​​​​​

Rescue Shevar and Sharukh

Rescue Shevar and Sharukh

Home at LIONSROCK after Emergency Rescue


Rescue Caruso

This beautiful tiger moved from our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary to LIONSROCK in March this year.


Rescue Motan and Pisa

Motan and Pisa have settled in incredibly well at our project LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary & Lodge! 

Bears in Vietnam

Rescue Lili, Lulu and Lac

The impromptu rescue of three nameless Asiatic black bears 

Bear Andri in Prishtina

Rescue Andri

FOUR PAWS rescues orphaned bear cub from basement

Bears in Vietnam

Rescue Keo, Lim, Dieu, San and Khoai Lang

Five bears rescued from agonising conditions in Vietnam


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Stray ANimals

Worldwide projects to neuter stray dogs and cats