Cat in rubble after a disaster - Symbolic image from a previous mission undertaken by FOUR PAWS


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Juba and Mika at LIONSROCK


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Pigs in a factory

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True Sanctuaries

True Sanctuaries is a group of big cat sanctuaries in South Africa who have united to pave the way for animal welfare based, ethical big cat tourism. 



Stuck in a train carriage for 15 years

The Golden Pride enjoys Valentine's Day enrichment

#GoldenPride happy together in their bigger enclosure

The pride of ten lions relocated from a Gauteng breeding facility to LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary is often led by the Fabulous Four in their playful exploration of their new, bigger enclosure

#GoldenPride Release

FOUR PAWS takes over ten lions after non-compliance

Animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS takes over ten lions from provincial authorities after a compliance notice was issued to a Gauteng breeding facility


Exploring lion bonds in the wild and in sanctuaries

The differences in the bonds formed by wild lions and lions in sanctuaries are interesting to observe. Understanding how they develop relationships in different environments can provide insight into how to care better for these animals 

South Africa | 2021 10 | Investigation into Big Cat keeping in South Africa.

Report confirms captive big cat industry is a conduit

Animal welfare organisation says report on South Africa’s brutal lion bone trade confirms legal captive big cat industry is a conduit for illegal wildlife trade

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