Being a FOUR PAWS Youth Ambassador means you are the voice for the voiceless, and we need you to roar for the animals.  

Have a look and see where you fit in, or what kind of activities inspire you….

Are you an Awareness and Fundraising Ambassador?

Do you like being in the spotlight and using your voice for good?


As an Awareness and Fundraising Ambassador, your main focus will be to spread awareness about what FOUR PAWS does - and specifically about our big cat sanctuary LIONSROCK.

You will tell others why a place like LIONSROCK has to exist and what people can do to help – for example, to only visit true sanctuaries, and not support places where cub petting or pay to play activities with wild animals happen.

You can raise awareness of animals and their rights by doing talks at your school, or at any clubs or institutions you are part of.

If you are someone who loves organizing things and doing good you can have fundraising initiatives at your school, sports events or church – and put the FUN into FUNdraising with your cool ideas! 

Fundraising activities can be anything so let your mind go!

A bake sale, a school dance, a car wash, a pledge form for a race, selling animal print shirts for fundraising, a gift-wrapping service at Christmas, face painting, a yard sale, a stall at your school’s fare, or a used book sale. You can have a cupcake eating competition, a dress as a lion and run a race competition, the sky is your limit! The cooler and crazier the better!

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