Being a FOUR PAWS Youth Ambassador means you are the voice for the voiceless, and we need you to roar for the animals.  

Have a look and see where you fit in, or what kind of activities inspire you….

Are you a Community Animal Ambassador?

Do you live in a community where many animals are stray or neglected?

Do you want to be able to help them?


If you want to spread awareness about being a responsible pet guardian and learn why dogs and cats should be sterilized, why it’s wrong to chain a dog and so much more, then you could be a Community Animal Ambassador.

You can raise awareness of animals and their rights by doing talks at your school, or at any clubs or institutions you are part of.

You can come up with your own plans and initiatives and we will be here to support and guide you - should you need us. There will be no pressure on you to do a certain number of events or talks, or raise an certain amount of money. All we need from you is the commitment to do at least one thing a year – whether that is a talk at your school or a fundraising event, or any other cool idea you come up with.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!