Wild Philanthropy

Saving wildlife one big cat at a time.


Our aim is to create a network of Wild Philanthropists who oppose canned-hunting, trophy-hunting, captive breeding of lions, wildlife exploitation and the lion bone trade in South Africa.

At FOUR PAWS we want to build long-term partnerships with passionate philanthropists and philanthropy networks whose mission is to protect wildlife and improve animal welfare around the world. Whether you're a trust, foundation, individual or company, you can help us improve and protect the lives of wild animals, especially animals at risk.

We need more philanthropists to influence legislation and help protect and safeguard the future of our big cats in the African wild. Philanthropists form a fundamental part of our society; we simply will not be able to achieve our goals without their influence, support and resources.

Why we need you!

  • You have the resources, influence, leadership and networks to help support our work
  • To help raise awareness and promote ethical and responsible wildlife tourism
  • To help us save our lions at risk and make sure they remain in the wild, free from human conflict
  • To help us institute a ban on canned-hunting, captive breeding, the lion-bone trade and the illegal wildlife trade in South Africa
  • To support big cat rescue missions and transfers to our project LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary
  • To build powerful partnerships
  • To gain access to resources, skills and services that support our work

Contact our Head of Fundraising to be part of our Wild Philanthropy Programme network.  

Philanthropy Programme Brochure

Philanthropy Programme Brochure

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