Every contribution counts!

We cannot accomplish our goals without you. Be a part of our mission to end animal suffering. We rely on donations from supporters that enable us to care for the animals living at our project, LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary. 

On behalf of the animals - thank you so much!

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support!

With Hill’s every day we prove that quality scientific technology and compassionate animal care go hand-in-hand in transforming the lives of those pets less fortunate than our own. Our team regularly volunteer their time and expertise to support local animal welfare communities and are proud to be a regular supporter of FOUR PAWS South Africa.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition 

As a business within the food industry, it's important for us to give back and support charities that feed the poor and educate children in the communities that we operate in.  We admire and support the work that FOUR PAWS does for animals. Their involvement at schools and libraries is teaching current and future generations to be kinder and compassionate towards each other and animals.  

We feel, as a business, that it is important to constantly give back to the community and share the skills and knowledge that we have as a company.  We saw an opportunity to help FOUR PAWS with our skills and to support the great cause of animal rescue and rehabilitation.  

Woww Digital  

When we started roasting our own coffee we had to name the brand after something we are committed to and passionate about. The inspiration came clearly on the day we had our first shareholders meeting, and the meeting was interrupted so that we could execute an intervention with a Stray Dog that one of the shareholders had just rescued from the street. It was fate. We decided to name the company Stray Dog Coffee and that we would take this opportunity to give back to the community. FOUR PAWS is a wonderful animal welfare organisation that works around the clock to rescue and rehabilitate animals and we made it our objective to help them with their cause.

Our core Socio-Economic Development strategy is reflected in our motto “ Supporting communities that support us” and FOUR PAWS is aligned to this in the worthy community work they are involved in. We believe that in the upliftment of others, we are contributing to a better society for all to live and thrive in.” 


We are an organisation who believes in a holistic approach to health and well-being which includes the environment we live in. SOLAL is proud to be associated with FOUR PAWS and the incredible work that they do protecting our animals and creating a better society.


Giving back to organisations such as FOUR PAWS gives us immense joy. 
We couldn’t have picked a better place for our trees.

Trees South Africa