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stop the lion hunt in south africa!

Over 9,000 lions are held in captivity at over 260 breeding farms across South Africa.   

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We call on Coca Cola to never allow such animal suffering again!

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Together we can Ban EU Tiger Trade

The tiger is an endangered species. The world lost already over 90 per cent of its tigers and there are only an estimated 3,900 tigers left in the wild.


End Cruel Cage Farming

Cage Farming is a Nightmare We Can End! Join the movement and sign the petition to help end cruel cage farming. We need your help to empty these cages.

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Stop the dog meat trade in indonesia!

We call on the Indonesian government to ban trade and slaughter of dogs for human consumption.

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end bile bear farming in vietnam!

Approximately 1,300 bears are still living in tiny cages and are used for bile extraction. 

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Ask Trump to ban the import of hunting trophies!

Ask the Trump administration to stop the killing of elephants and lions!

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protect puppies, make ebay care!

Hundreds of thousands of puppies are bred in horrendous conditions as part of a ruthless moneymaking machine.

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Show your support for a fur free winter!

Sign  our pledge for a fur free winter!

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