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Freedom for bear cub  


FOUR PAWS rescues orphaned bear cub from basement  

After weeks of negotiations with the Kosovar Ministry of Environment, we succeeded in bringing the orphaned bear cub to BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina. The bear, only a few months old, was found by a member of the public in Kosovo, at the end of February 2019. Although the authorities promised to bring him back to his mother, FOUR PAWS discovered the male bear in the filthy basement of a restaurant in Sharr National Park. The little bear was kept in a small wooden box, barely seeing daylight, with no room to move around.  We immediately contacted the authorities and urged them to rescue the bear from these inappropriate conditions. After weeks of back and forth, the negotiations finally led to a common understanding in early June 2019. 

Now safe in the FOUR PAWS-owned BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, the young bear finds shelter and a species-appropriate home. 

Update: 09 July 2019

 In our poll on Facebook, our community decided that the little one should be called Andri (meaning the brave one) from now on. The six-month-old cub seems to be doing very well at our BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, he is very active and gaining body weight. He is enjoying the enrichment the team provides him, such as small toys, fresh branches  and spices to play with.

A safe haven last! 

Here you can see the emotional moment when the little bear explores his new beautiful enclosure for the first time!  

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Possible re-integration into the wild 

The young bear will have minimal human contact at the sanctuary. In six to nine months, the team will re-evaluate his condition and decide whether he can be released into the wild. 


A new home for the rescued bears from captivity and torture

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