Dogs are our beloved companions, family members, and even part of an essential workforce that helps people in need. Their ability to sense the world around them makes them exceptional guide dogs, therapy dogs, or rescue dogs. Nonetheless, the wellbeing of these amazing animals comes down to the responsibility of humans.
 The reality for many dogs around the world is harsh. Hundreds of thousands of stray dogs struggle to survive on the streets due to ongoing illness, injury or undernourishment. Worse still, they are often killed brutally – sometimes as an inhumane and ill-conceived means to manage stray dog populations; or in slaughterhouses and restaurants for human consumption.  

Worth knowing about dogs

Dog outside

10 Facts about Dogs

Surprising facts about “man’s best friend” 


Animal Assisted Intervention

When former stray dogs become therapy dogs


the beauty of adoption

It’s a way of giving a loving new home to a shelter animal


Cruelty to animals



what we Are doing

FOUR PAWS supports shelters and dog owners with educational programmes and information that promote responsible dog care. In our work to create a kinder world for stray animals, we also help communities and municipalities through various Stray Animal Care projects and programmes, which we carry out worldwide.  

THE four paws GUIDE

Responsible pet ownership


Petition AGAINST dog meat

Stop the dog meat trade in Indonesia


The Illegal Puppy Trade

The cruelty behind puppy farming


Stray Animals

Worldwide projects to help stray dogs and cats 

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