Cage to Cape Town dogs

From Cage to Cape Town 

Dogs rescued from Cambodian slaughterhouse embark on their journey to the Mother City


Our FOUR PAWS team on the ground in Cambodia together with the Siem Reap Provincial Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the Provincial Commissioner of Police intercepted 61 dogs in 2021 who were destined for a slaughterhouse in Kampong Cham. This first government-led interception came after the banning of dog meat in July 2020.

Following the interception, all the dogs were immediately removed from the overcrowded cages and released into a small holding area. FOUR PAWS teamed up with local organisations ‘Paw Patrol Cambodia’ and ‘Animal Rescue Cambodia’ to provide emergency feeding and medication for the 61 rescued dogs.

After various adoption campaigns in Cambodia and other countries where FOUR PAWS operates, there are five remaining dogs who need to find their forever families.

In collaboration with TEARS Animal Rescue, the five dogs all rescued from the dog meat trade are flying from Cambodia to Cape Town, South Africa where TEARS will facilitate the adoptions. Meet the five:

Adopt Gamora


Gender: Female
Age: 4 years

Meet Gamora, with her golden fur, wagging tail and friendly nature, she's a great addition to any family. Gamora loves walks on a leash, enjoys playing with a ball, and is great with children.  

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Adopt Shadow


Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
This is Shadow, our protective little champ. Shadow loves to protect her space and companions even though she enjoys playing with other dogs. Let's bring Shadow home.

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Adopt Falcon


Gender: Female
Age: 2.5 years

 This is Falcon, the dog meat trade nearly robbed us of being in the presence of our little superhero. She recovered from the effects of the dog meat trade and is ready for a better life.

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Adopt Drax (Doctor Drax Walbram)


Gender: Male
 Age: 2 years

Like his name, Drax sounds like a cute menace, but he just enjoys his own space but loves cuddles! He is always up for playtime and enjoys it with other dogs. 

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Adopt Maximoff (Pietro)


Gender: Male
 Age: 5 years

Our hero Maximoff here, loves the company of other dogs. He is never shy to meet new people. Will you help give him a new life? 

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The Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Southeast Asia


Every day in Southeast Asia, pet dogs and cats are stolen from loving families. Captured animals are taken to slaughterhouses and brutally killed. This trade also encourages the spread of rabies and other illnesses. 
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While this may not be the end of the dog and cat meat trade problem in Asia, the work being done is a vital component in our approach to combatting it.

This work would also not be possible without our vast network of shelter and project partners in Southeast Asia offering veterinary assistance, care, housing, public outreach, community education and advocacy. In Cambodia, our charity partners’, Paw Patrol Cambodia’ and Animal Rescue Cambodia, provides rescue support and a safe facility where many of our meat trade survivors receive possibly their first gentle touch and affection from a human, first bath and first vet check. And not to forget – all of our supporters who make this possible. With your help, we will continue our journey for an end to this brutal trade.

Dog Daisy who was saved from a slaughterhouse



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