Bear Amelia at Arosa Bear Sanctuary

Arosa Bear Sanctuary

A cooperation project between FOUR PAWS and Arosa tourism in Switzerland since 2011


The Arosa Bear Sanctuary provides rescued bears, formerly held in poor conditions, a species-appropriate home. Rescued by FOUR PAWS and cared for by a specialised team, bears that only know a life in captivity can find a habitat that corresponds to their natural needs. On an area of three hectares they can learn their natural behaviour, develop bear instincts and roam around freely.

Arosa Bear Sanctuary connects animal welfare and touristic development, creating a 'win-win' situation for both sides. On the one hand, it enables FOUR PAWS to house yet more rescued bears in appropriate conditions, while on the other, the municipality of Arosa has the opportunity to develop a sustainable form of tourism. 

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Located in the heart of the Grisons mountains, Arosa Bear Sanctuary not only provides breathtaking views but also many options to explore the sanctuary. Visitors can enjoy the views, look out for the bears and broaden their knowledge at the visitor's platform. From there, the 'floating' adventure path leads across eight viewing platforms through the sanctuary. Additionally, hiking fans can enjoy the themed hiking route, the bear sanctuary experience trail, combining hiking and learning in a playful way. Find more information here.



The idea

for the Arosa Bear Sanctuary project was born in 2010. In 2018, after years of construction, the first rescued bear moved in. Find out more about the history of the cooperation project between FOUR PAWS and Arosa tourism here!




Where to find us

Arosa Bears Foundation
Dorfstrasse / SKZA
7050 Arosa, Switzerland

You can find more travel information here – it is just 40 minutes from Chur (by train), 
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