How to be a responsible pet owner

Tips & tricks for pet owners 


We believe if people know better, they will do better – this way we can have a better, brighter future for animals, the planet and us humans. 

We are all connected and everything we do every day has an impact on everyone and everything else. You have the power to protect animals and the planet – if you are prepared to #LiveKinder.

Download our ‘How to be a responsible pet owner’ leaflet and use it to educate yourself, your kids, family, friends, and neighbours about what it means to be a responsible pet owner.

How to be a responsible pet owner: English

How to be a responsible pet owner: Afrikaans

For future pet owners

Our pet guides are helping you with the decision which animal is the ideal match for you and your life.

Checklist: Are you Ready for a pet?

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Getting a Dog?

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Getting a cat?

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cat laying down

Animals are not presents


For pet owners

You have already taken on the responsibility for an animal? Our pet guides offer many helpful tips and useful information for the everyday life with an animal.

Living together: Cats & Humans

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Living together: Humans & Dogs

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Dogs in autumn

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Beware of Ticks!



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