A chained dog in the town of Uniondale in South Africa

The Animals of Uniondale need your help

Help countless cats and dogs get access to the veterinary care they need


Countless cats and dogs live in the town and surrounding areas of Uniondale in the Western Cape without access to veterinary care. Death from preventable diseases including tick-bite fever and parvovirus, or neglect is not uncommon. Coupled with uncontrolled breeding and no access to animal shelter services, this indigent community and their pets are in dire need.  

FOUR PAWS, together with our partners at the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) visited Uniondale to assess the situation and were shocked and saddened by what we found there; a welcoming community who care for their animals but simply do not have the means or knowledge to provide for their welfare needs.  

Cats in the town of Uniondale in South Africa

In the icy winter conditions of this semi-rural area, dogs live outside with meagre, makeshift shelters if any that provide little protection from the wind, rain, and cold, bare ground. Many are chained or tied with wire around their necks in an effort to prevent them from roaming the streets because owners cannot afford to enclose their properties. With very limited employment opportunities, people cannot afford to feed their pets properly and some have resorted to feeding their pets maize meal or even vegetable peels.

120 kilometers from the nearest veterinary clinic, without the transport or funds needed to access these services, the animals are often left with untreated health conditions. But with your help, we can provide life-saving veterinary services and pet wellness supplies to these animals, as well as free animal welfare education materials to pet owners.  

A chained dog in the town of Uniondale in South Africa

FOUR PAWS and the PDSA are committed to helping the animals of Uniondale by spaying, neutering, vaccinating, and providing pet wellness kits that will change the lives of these animals. 

With your help, we can provide spaying, neutering, life-saving vaccinations, tick and flea treatment, and pet wellness packages including kennels and collars to 450 animals – 70% of the population. 

A chained dog in the town of Uniondale in South Africa

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With your help, we can provide 450 animals with the veterinary care they need

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