Corporate Fundraising

Why supporting animal welfare is good for business


More and more corporates are taking an active interest in their communities and the environment through the activation of their Corporate Social Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. 

With shared values and support for FOUR PAWS, your company can contribute towards positive change and help us reduce animal abuse and suffering. The more support we have the greater the impact. Volunteerism, campaigning, project funding, matched-giving, payroll giving, employee fundraising and access to resources all contribute towards our goals and the lives and wellbeing of animals. 

With your voice and partnership, we can increase education, raise higher awareness amongst communities, schools, government and the greater public.

Our Promise

  • As a registered section 18A, Public benefit Organisation (PBO) we can provide your company with a tax-exempt certificate for your monetary donations
  • Regular and thorough reporting
  • Evidence of the impact of your support towards a project
  • Invitations to events in South Africa
  • Invitations to donor and philanthropy breakfasts
  • A chance to visit our projects and see first-hand the scope of our work
  • Acknowledge your support and impact of your contribution via our communication channels

Contact our Head of Fundraising to find out how your company and staff can help us create impact

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