Donate while shopping

Did you know that every time you shop, you could be giving something back? 

Whenever you swipe your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card at Engen,, Netstar,, Walton’s, or Woolworths stores a percentage of your purchases will be given back to FOUR PAWS if we're added as a beneficiary.

How does every swipe count?

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is one of South Africa’s biggest fundraising programmes and raises over R6 million every month to help over 8 000 schools, charities and animal welfare organisations. You can make a difference just by shopping and swiping your card.

Every time you swipe your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card at one of their many regional and national partner stores, we’ll get a percentage of what you spend as a donation if we’re added as a beneficiary. It’s no extra cost to you and an easy and effective way to help us. Support FOUR PAWS and make a difference with your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card.

Where to swipe and make a difference?

Swipe at Engen convenience stores,, Netstar,, Waltons, Woolworths, and WorksheetCloud. Click on the below links for more partners in your region.

Add FOUR PAWS as a beneficiary and swipe to make a change.

If you already have a card and would like to change your beneficiary to FOUR PAWS or add us as a secondary beneficiary, update your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet profile by clicking here or call MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Customer Services on 0860 100 445.

Step 1: Login to your profile

Step 2: Nominate FOUR PAWS as a beneficiary

How to link your Woolworths Card

Click here to link your Woolworths card in two easy ways to give back to FOUR PAWS, at no extra cost to you. 

Don’t have a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Card, but want to make a difference?

Simply apply for your card online in three easy steps here, apply instore at a Woolworths, or download the app for FREE on Apple App Store or Google Play Store, sign in and scan your virtual card at till points to give back every time you shop. 

Every swipe really does count!



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