litter of stray dogs

Good reasons to sterilise your pet


Being a responsible pet owner means sterilising your pets. Why? Sterilisation saves lives as there are less unwanted litters and fewer animals who end up in the welfare system needing to be rehomed. 

Be kind to your pets and have them sterilised

  • They will be healthier and live longer, better lives
  • They will be better companions
  • They are less likely to roam
  • They are less likely to fight
  • Females are less likely to get uterus infections/cancer
  • Males are less likely to get enlarged prostrates/cancer
  • Males will be less likely to be aggressive towards other dogs and humans
  • Males are less likely to: mount people or objects, and urinating to mark their territory
  • There will be less diseases, less cruelty to animals and healthier environments..