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Wear it Kind for Christmas

Our 2021 round up of animals in fashion highlights, as well as top 10 #WearItKind holiday gift ideas!


The end of another year is just around the corner, and 2021 was a big year in so many ways, including for animal protection in fashion. Some exciting announcements include:

  • France and Estonia have banned fur farming, and Israel became the first country in the world to ban fur sales
  • Canada Goose and Kering (parent company to luxury fashion Houses Saint Laurent, Gucci, Alexander McQueen) are demanding all its brands to go fur-free
  • Singer Billie Eilish announced that she successfully convinced Oscar de la Renta to go fur-free just prior to the infamous Met Gala

2021 has given us (more than one) reason to celebrate the progress being made for animals in fashion. Hooray!

At FOUR PAWS, 2021 was the year our #WearItKind initiative launched internationally, and while there is a long way to go for animal welfare in fashion, we saw some good progress by the fashion industry as outlined in our 2021 fashion report.

Our animal friendly fashion highlights in 2021: 

Thank you to everybody who has joined us on this journey. With your support, we look forward to driving even more change for animals in 2022.

To wrap things up, we’ve curated a list of our top 10 gift ideas to help you Wear it Kind and share in the spirit of kindness with your loved ones this holiday season.


Leather handbags are a stylish and smart investment piece for any wardrobe, and with all the amazing animal-free alternatives now available including those made from cactus, cork and pineapple, why not consider a plant-based option from labels such as miomojo, A_C and Svala?

SVALA handbag made from cork

Puffer Jackets

A stylish puffer jacket to keep warm through the Winter months makes for a practical gift idea. If you or a loved one are set on a product containing down, look for jackets made with certified down such as the Responsible Down Standards or  certified recycled down.

Otherwise, choose from the many animal-free options now available, such as those made from recycled polyester from eco-conscious brands like Finisterre, Culthread and Ecoalf!

Man in animal-friendly jacket


Whether your go-to pair of footwear is the humble sneaker, flat, boot, or sandal, these days there are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives to keep your feet happy. Discover beautiful designs from some of the animal-friendliest brands around such as Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, NAE and NOAH, who are pioneering the use of innovative sustainable materials such as Appleskin and Piñatex. 


Who doesn’t love a cute and comfy accessory to keep those bad hair days at bay and leave you both stylish and warm through the colder months? It’s never cool to be cruel, and with so many sustainable options from wonderful brands like Plant Faced Clothing, there really is no excuse! And if you’ve got your eye on a pom-pom beanie, be sure to get one made strictly with faux fur or not at all.


A timepiece can make for a special gift, and what could be timelier than the Christmas holidays to remind us that more important than making a gift fashion is making it kind. Skip watches using animal leather bands and opt for the many stylish and versatile alternatives out there, such as those using recycled materials, ecosuede, cork or Piñatex instead.

Hand-Knitted Jumpers

Knitting a jumper or other accessory for your loved ones? If you've been wondering how your own makes could be kinder, Christmas has come early because plant-based yarns are booming!

Offering a host of desirable qualities including durability, strength, drape, and softness, as well as antibacterial and hypoallergenic benefits, some of the plant fibers to include for your holiday knitting project are hemp, banana tree bark, bamboo, linen, and cotton. Check out our knitting kind guide for more animal-friendly ideas!

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Cashmere Scarves

Is it possible to have the luxurious feel of cashmere without the cruelty? Look no further than KD New York vegetable cashmere! As a fiber that hasn’t hit the mainstream yet, this is one fashion gift idea for the people in your life who relish dressing ahead of the trend.

Silk PJs

There’s no feeling quite like spending the holidays in your favourite PJs. But you don’t need to sacrifice luxury and comfort for cruelty. So, let’s let silkworms turn into beautiful moths and instead opt for elevated yet kind alternatives that don’t cost the earth.

If you’re after that silky feel, why not consider sleepwear made using sustainably harvested TencelTM Lyocell from conscious brands like Underprotection, a Danish brand that combines ethics with aesthetics.


Want to know the easiest way to be a green thumb? Make sure the mittens and gloves you put over them are made with animals, people and planet in mind! Check out some amazing alternatives to alpaca and mohair.

The brand NIKIN has tree-print gloves which are a low-key stylish way to walk around with plant pride, not least because every purchase comes with a tree planted! The gift that keeps on giving!

The go-with-anything ‘glovelettes’ from Eileen Fisher are Terry fleece lined to give you that ‘warm hug’ feel and made using responsibly harvested TencelTM Lyocell.   

For the stylishly pragmatic, why not try sustainably designed mittens from Patagonia - they offer styles which convert to fingerless gloves for multipurpose sport and casual activities. 

Sustainable Retailers

Needing more of a one-stop shop? Why not browse the curated selection of (one-of-a) kind and sustainable gift options available from these awesome retailers!

Immaculate Vegan – the go-to destination for elevated gift ideas when you're searching for that special someone, by a kind retailer that values sustainability, beautiful design, and craftsmanship. 

Made Trade – helpfully categorises products into one or more values, including vegan, Fair Trade, and People of Colour owned, allowing you to shop tailored and consciously made gifts for your loved ones without compromising on your values.  

Brothers We Stand – kind menswear made easy.

A kind Christmas is not just one that’s kind to us and our loved ones, but also kind to the planet, including our beloved animals. So, stay safe, and be sure to tell your family and friends to go cruelty-free this Christmas.

From all of us at FOUR PAWS, we wish you and your loved ones (including your furry friends), a happy holiday season and all the best in 2022!

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