Rescue Dog Max

Nov 2019

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Max

An abused dog gets his second chance and a family who loves him


In November 2019, Dog Max arrived our Bulgarian clinic after a call about an abused animal. Poor Max was the victim. This beautiful black dog had been hit by a hard object, sadly, animal abuse is not uncommon in Bulgaria - and we often see dogs that have been let down by humans. 

In the clinic, Max underwent thorough examinations and the X-rays revealed that he had multiple fractures over his body. His lower jaw was broken as well as his front legs. Blood tests also showed positive for anaplasmosis - a nasty tick-borne disease that can be very harmful if left untreated.

The clinic team worked hard to fix Max's broken bones and give him the much needed medication to heal his disease. He underwent two surgeries, one to fix his lower jaw and osteosynthesis to put a plate on the front right limb. There was a long recovery period and drug therapy to treat anaplasmosis. 

The efforts of the doctors gave wonderful results, and but by bit, Max was able to totally physically recover from his past.

Update March 2020

As Max recovered, his great nature could be seen! He became playful and active, full of mischief and desire to play. He found a family who fell in love with Max. They adopted Max, and now he will only know love in his forever home. 

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