There's plenty of fur-free fashion – the Fur Free Retailer program tells you where


Despite public opinion being highly critical of using real fur in fashion,  it is on sale again in many shops. Instead of a classical fur coat, real fur today is found mainly in the form of trimming on collars, hoods, lapels and cuffs, shoes and caps, or in the form of accessories like scarves and key rings.

Because real fur is often shorn, coloured or processed as part of a material mix, shoppers struggle to differentiate between real and faux fur. In addition, brands frequently neglect to declare or label if their product contains real or faux fur. To help with that, the Fur Free Retailer program gives you information on more than 1,5 thousand brands, which are committedly fur-free.

The Fur Free Retailer programme

The Fur Free Retailer programme

We can help you locate guaranteed fur-free fashion. FOUR PAWS supports the international Fur Free Retailer program which provides accurate information about retailers with a fur-free policy. The program was launched by the Fur Free Alliance, a coalition of more than 50 leading animal protection and environmental organisations representing millions of supporters worldwide.

If you want to be sure to buy fur-free, check the list of fashion labels with a fur-free policy published by the Fur Free Retailer initiative: 

Fur Free Retailer

Would you like your business to be fur free?

Do you have a fashion company and would like to be certified as guaranteed fur free? FOUR PAWS represents this program in Austria, Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, South Africa and the US! Contact us for more information:

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