Fox on a fur farm

Real Fur: Fashion Brand Max Mara Lags Behind

Max Mara is one of the last international fashion brands continuing to sell real fur


Armani, Gucci, Prada, Versace – there is a long list of brands that are already fur-free. But the globally operating Italian fashion label Max Mara lags behind. Together with the international Fur Free Alliance FOUR PAWS want to use the period of international fashion week season to convince the brand of a fur-free future. This is where you come in!

Will they ditch the cruel material?

We all know that fur production is cruel to animals, bad for the environment, a risk to public health and completely unnecessary since quality alternatives are available. Even Max Mara has to realize that trendy fashion does not need animal fur. Please urge the brand to permanently remove fox, mink and raccoon dog fur from their collections.

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Max Mara, It's Time to Go Fur-Free!

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