Wild animals, not wild stories 

Behind the scenes of the Netflix Tiger King series, is the abuse of animals and an international network of breeding, trade and exploitation of tigers, lions and other big cats.
 With an estimated 1,600 captive tigers in Europe, 10,000 in the US and 
unidentified number of tigers caged in South Africa, FOUR PAWS is fighting to protect ALL big cat species and ban their commercial trade.
We believe in a world where
 big cats live in the wild, not where the story about their life in captivity is so wild that it ends up on Netflix.

The Issues

More tigers in captivity than in the wild 

In danger of extinction

Business in the age of mass extinction

We are losing the fight against biodiversity loss. The world has already lost 90 percent of the wild tiger population. Yet the captive industry of breeding and trading them is booming.

Captive Breeding

The legal, silent commercial trade 

Bred for selfies, petting, walk-with opportunities, circus shows, or kept as pets. As long as it is profitable to breed tigers, the demand will continue to grow.
Read more about the truth behind the tourist attraction!

Europe and South Africa: hot spots for trade

Their parts used in traditional medicine

The trade in big cats and their parts is an international problem. FOUR PAWS has been fighting to change legislation key in areas of the world where demand from Asia is coming from. Read more about #RuthlessTrade

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Rescured tigers

What you can do

Sign our petition to demand an end to the commercial trade of all big cats and their parts in South Africa

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Tourist holding lion cub


FOUR PAWS is fighting to ban the commercial trade of ALL big cats in South Africa.

Tiger behind bars

The Tiger Kings in Europe

FOUR PAWS releases new report unveiling out-of-control captive tiger trade

two lions - canned hunting

Canned Lion Hunting

Born to be killed: lion hunting in South Africa


The Vicious Cycle 

A review of the exploitation of South Africa's captive big cats & its people