Celebrate International Tiger Day with Caragh

Caragh, our very first FOUR PAWS South Africa Youth Ambassador, is passionate about all big cats - and has a soft spot for tigers.


On 29 July we celebrate International Tiger Day and the goal of this day is to raise awareness around tiger issues. 

FOUR PAWS fights to stop the captive breeding and keeping of lions and other big cats like tigers here in South Africa – especially the more than 300 breeding facilities in South Africa where between 10,000-12,000 lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and other cats are bred and sold.

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Together with Caragh, you can play a very important role in creating change in the lives of animals such a tigers this Tiger Day. Lobbying the government is one of the best ways to change the lives of these animals which is why FOUR PAWS, and Caragh, are urging you to add your signature:

  • Ban the tiger trade – they are endangered species and there are only an estimated 3,900 tigers left in the wild.   
  • Stop lion hunting – over 9 000 lions are bred on farms to be hunted for sport! This is not a sport and should ever be allowed! 

And remember, only visit TRUE animal sanctuaries and never visit zoos and circuses where wild animals like tigers are used for entertainment; or places where you can interact with wild animals.

Education is key and knowledge is power, visit our website for more information:

Caragh Murphy

FOUR PAWS South Africa Youth Ambassador

I started supporting FOUR PAWS when I heard about the work, they do to help all animals, big and small, all over the world.