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Why you should choose a cat

Caragh Murphy · 8.6.2020

Why you should choose a cat - especially a rescue cat!


Let the tigers roar!

Protect them all!


Animal Stimulation in Lockdown

Caragh Murphy · 6.5.2020

Today I want to tell you about how important animal stimulation or enrichment is. 

Stray animal care in Romania

COVID-19 and Stray Animals

What a pandemic means for stray cats and dogs


Meet Caragh

Caragh Murphy · 8.4.2020

Caragh is 11 years old and dreams of one day travelling the world to help animals. 


Caragh Intro

Caragh Murphy · 6.4.2020

FOUR PAWS South Africa's first Youth Ambassador!

Live animal transport

Endless waiting times and cruel circumstances at borders

Live animal transports during coronavirus situation


Big cats from war zones

In recent years, FOUR PAWS had several successful missions in rescuing big cats from war-torn countries such as Iraq, Gaza and Syria. 


The death of bear Sao

Heart-breaking twist during rescue


Bear transfer to Arosa

Finally at home at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary


Ebay, stand up for puppies

Joanna Randall · 12.12.2018

Celebrities, politicians and animal welfare experts call on eBay to take action against the cruel puppy trade


Showdown at Fier zoo

Ioana Dungler · 27.11.2018

Ioana Dungler reflects on one of our most dramatic rescue missions so far and how we managed to finally rescue the animals from "Europe's worst zoo in...


Why we are celebrating International Disaster Risk Reduction Day

Jackson Zee · 10.10.2018

As the director of the Disaster Relief unit, I know that animals are important to all communities affected by any kind of disaster.


No Land in Sight

Samantha Haider · 27.9.2018

The American East Coast was hit hard by hurricane Florence, forcing thousands to leave their homes and their animals behind - we packed our bags to go and look out for them


Last Day on Lombok

Looking back on our 15 day mission in Indonesia


Dog Meat Trade Indonesia

Dr Katherine Polak · 20.8.2018

Beach paradise turns into hell for thousands of animals every year


Lombok's lost paradise

Jackson Zee · 16.8.2018

Our dangerous mission to the Indonesian islands struck by earthquakes that left hundreds of animals in urgent need


No more excuses, eBay

Joanna Randall · 3.8.2018

Our 'Thanks eBay' campaign reveals the shocking truth about the online marketplace giant, and the role its classified advertising sites play in enabling the illegal puppy trade.  


Ai Weiwei concerned about elephants in Myanmar

Amir Khalil · 10.7.2018

The Chinese artist visited several elephant camps with his team and FOUR PAWS to get an idea of the elephants’ living conditions

Brown bears Vinzenz and Liese

30 Years of FOUR PAWS

In 1988, Heli Dungler founded the internationally active animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS in Austria


What would life be without water?

Cape Town is bracing itself for Day Zero