Cat at a free vaccination drive in Hoi An, VietnamCat at a free vaccination drive in Hoi An, Vietnam

FOUR PAWS in Hoi An, Vietnam

A 2-Year Journey Towards a Dog and Cat Meat-Free City


In 2021, FOUR PAWS embarked on a transformative journey in Hoi An, Vietnam, signing a 2-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Hoi An People's Committee. As our partnership comes to an end, we celebrate the remarkable achievements and milestones attained during this impactful period. Together, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a safer, more compassionate environment for animals and humans alike. 

Over the course of the MOU, we administered over 3,000 vaccinations and performed 540 sterilisations for Hoi An’s dog owners, free of charge. These efforts are crucial in preventing the spread of rabies and controlling the population of stray animals, fostering a healthier coexistence between the city's residents and its furry companions. 

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Public awareness and outreach were key aspects of the MOU, with one of the most visible and effective initiatives being the placement of three billboards across the bustling streets of Hoi An. These billboards served as powerful reminders to the community, raising awareness to the risks of rabies, and advocating for responsible pet ownership and an end of the dog and cat meat trade.  

Utilising today’s technology, FOUR PAWS and Hoi An People’s Committee worked together to provide engaging and informative broadcasts on LED screens across the city and via weekly radio slots, effectively disseminating information on rabies prevention and the significance of the free sterilisation programme, engaging the local community on a regular basis. 

To ensure crucial information was disseminated to every corner of the city, we also distributed over 15,000 leaflets about rabies prevention and the free sterilisation programme across 13 wards and communes within Hoi An. 

Dog Meat Restaurant closure event in Hoi An, Vietnam.

FOUR PAWS works with dog meat restaurant owner to close down business

To conclude our groundbreaking partnership, FOUR PAWS successfully orchestrated the closure of one of Hoi An's last remaining and oldest dog meat restaurants in December 2023. This significant achievement spared the lives of hundreds of animals from the brutal fate of being killed and consumed each year and set a powerful example for other dog meat traders in the area. 

“On behalf of the residents and the authorities of Hoi An, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to FOUR PAWS for choosing Hoi An and accompanying us during this period. 

The project has garnered consensus and support… an increasing number of Hoi An residents are refusing products derived from dog and cat meat. 

The city recognises the need for a continued advocacy and awareness campaign to encourage residents to persist in this direction. As the saying goes in Vietnamese, ‘water wears away the stone’ "

Mr Nguyen The Hung, Vice Chairman of Hoi An City

As the 2-year MOU comes to an end, FOUR PAWS and the Hoi An People's Committee celebrate the collective success of transforming Hoi An into a more compassionate, animal-friendly city. The journey towards a dog and cat meat-free environment has been challenging, but the accomplishments achieved serve as a testament to the power of collaboration and advocacy.  

Together, we've laid the groundwork for a brighter, more humane future in Hoi An, where animals and humans coexist in harmony. 

Dog rescued from slaughterhouse closure in Thai Binh, Vietnam

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