Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

Help to Close a Second Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

A short window of opportunity to prevent the deaths of thousands of dogs


Every day in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam dogs and cats are stolen from loving families, leaving their owners desperate for their return. The animals are captured and then taken to slaughterhouses and markets to be brutally killed. The dog and cat meat trade also pose serious human health risks as it encourages the spread of rabies and other deadly illnesses. 

In the coming month, we will have a short window of opportunity to close a dog meat slaughterhouse in Cambodia. This cruel facility kills an estimated 2,500-3,000 dogs a year; over 12,000 dogs since it first opened.

At the slaughterhouse dogs are killed in the most brutal ways – often strangled to death or drowned en masse in cages which are submerged in water until the air bubbles have stopped and along with them a dog's struggle for life. This killing takes place in full view of other caged dogs which helplessly wait for their turn to die. Read more about the journey of a stolen pet in the horrific dog and cat meat trade here!

we must stop this torture by closing another slaughterhouse

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Dog Daisy

The slaughterhouse in Cambodia is officially shut down! 

 As we carefully moved the dogs in transport crates, dog Daisy literally leapt into the arms of our team member when the door was opened. She showered her in a bath of wet kisses, and snuggled around her neck as if to say, please never let me go. Afterwards we took them to our partner clinic from  Animal Rescue Cambodia where they are now taken care off. It will take some time for them to heal the physical and emotional wounds – but we are carefully optimistic that they will all make it. A long mission day ends! 
Read more about the rescued dog here!

Today is the day! Slaughterhouse shutdown!

Our team is currently shutting down a dog slaughterhouse located in Kampong Thom, Cambodia. A long day lies ahead of us as we have to make sure that all the dogs on site are taken care off and prepared for transport. While the work is exhausting, the thought of not only saving these animals from a certain death, but also preventing thousands of other dogs from being slaughtered here in the future keeps us going. The dogs seem to have understood that we are here to help them.  When we were welcomed by the owners on site, one of them started to cry. She expressed that no one had ever provided her family with help before. She is forever grateful to never have to kill dogs again. For the past months, we have been working with them to provide an alternative livelihood to ensure they never have to return to the trade.

Read more about the rescued dog here!

A dog slaughterhouse in Cambodia

Pre visit at the slaughterhouse

Braving torrential storms, on August 2nd our team started out on the long, muddy trek to reach the dog slaughterhouse in Kampong Thom, Cambodia in order to make final arrangements for the rescue. On site we found many scared and hungry dogs that were squeezed into two rusty, heavy metal cages and who were awaiting slaughter. The dogs had originated from Siem Reap Province and were transported here on a long drive on the back of a motorbike. It is obvious to us that most of those dogs had been stolen, many had suffered wounds and cuts. Our team tried to comfort them as best as they could, and provided them with food and water. Now we are eagerly waiting for the storm to pass so that we can safely travel on with the rescued animals – and even more important, so we can shut this slaughterhouse down for good.

That's why we need your help

We are getting prepared to close this slaughterhouse for good. We need to provide emergency veterinary care for the rescued dogs and will also need to find new homes for them for after they are saved. Furthermore, we need your help to campaign for legal change in all of Cambodia that bans the consumption of dog meat. With your support today we can make a significant difference and save lives. Your donations will help save lives!

Next step!

In August, FOUR PAWS hopes to officially close this business down, and rescue all dogs on-site.

FOUR PAWS was first alerted to this slaughterhouse in Kampong Thom in Kandal Province, Cambodia during our initial dog meat investigations

The facility is operated by a couple who are desperate to get out of the trade. They have remorse and pity for killing dogs and need help to get out of the business. Opportunities in rural Cambodia to change occupations however, are limited, and the situation has only been made worse by the COVID pandemic.
This is why FOUR PAWS will help convert this slaughterhouse business into a small local shop. The slaughtering area and cages will be removed and destroyed. Furthermore, the owners will make a lifelong commitment to never be involved in the trade again.

Change is already happening in Cambodia

Siem Reap, home to the world-famous Angkor Wat and other temples but also a 'hot spot' of the dog meat trade, issued an official ban on the trade and slaughter of dogs for their meat. Read our press release here!

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October 2019: FOUR PAWS shuts down the first dog slaughterhouse in Cambodia.

A FOUR PAWS team, with the help of our local partners Animal Rescue Cambodia, has closed down a slaughterhouse in Takeo Province (Cambodia), where two thousand dogs were killed every year. Read our press release here!

Since 2018

FOUR PAWS has been working in Cambodia on the dog meat trade.

Dogs in a slaughterhouse in Cambodia

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