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Staying ethically trendy This Midwinter  

The golden rules to staying ethically trendy with your fashion shopping this midwinter


Midwinter is here and what are you going to wear?

Dressing sustainably and animal cruelty-free while being trendy can be easier than you think, but what does it take?

You don’t need to be a fashion activist to make better ethical fashion choices while sticking to the trends.

Just as those models and designers on the catwalks of the world stick to a few basic principles, here in the South African midwinter, you can follow our tips to make your wardrobe cruelty-free, while turning heads your way:

The Trend: Sweaters 


Second-hand wool items, wool alternatives like organic cotton,  hemp and recycled wool are on the must-have-list and with that pre-loved look, you can still be trendy while being cosy and warm. These items are also a good way to snuggle up to your conscience. 


The Trend: Stylish Boots 


Hit those vintage shops where you can buy pre-loved leather boots or even boots made from recycled leather. However, ensure that even the second-hand leather followed an ethical chain. If you are in the market for new boots, try buying vegan leather ones. 


The Trend: Puffer Jackets


These jackets often contain geese down to keep the wearer warm but do not be fooled to think this is the only way to really survive the cold.  Brands like, Patagonia, Kathmandu and The Northface offer down-free insulated jackets and are Responsible Down Standards certified.


The Trend: Back To Grunge


This trend fits in perfectly with the vintage and pre-loved clothing stores.  Inspired by the nineties grunge scene, layering various clothing items to stay warm, is also a better option than buying thick wool jerseys.


Once you have these trendy items, the trick is to style them to suit your personality and lifestyle. Below are a few styling tips that can help you along the way :

Our FOUR Top Tips 

  • The golden rule: Before you go out to make trips to the shops, investigate what is already in your wardrobe and got you heaps of compliments. Your best ethical alternative to what is in the shops is that sustainable back-to-basics items already in your own cupboard. Dressing better with the clothes you have is ethically so rewarding.  Our guide shows you how to spread this fashion kindness.
  • Stick to the rule of thumb: Buy something that will last longer so that you need to buy less. Shop kind to Wear It Kind. See our blog of the 21st of June (Click Here). Make this easy for yourself and join our FOUR PAWS pledge.
  • The vintage rule: Buying second-hand clothing is great for your wallet, the environment and ultimately animals. Pre-loved threads have a great vibe if you can synchronise it with the fashion of the time. At present it is back-to-the-nineties with fashion and that is great for everyone who loves vintage shops.
  • Keep to having that one timeless Outfit of the Day that you can rely on for all big dress-up events. This step will make sure that you do not clog up your wardrobe with endless formal outfits that will only make your carbon footprint bigger.
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