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United to Protect Millions of Animals, Local Communities, and Tourists

How the tourism industry can help! 


FOUR PAWS is working with travel companies and travel trade associations around the world to put an end to the dog and cat meat trade and protect both people and animals. Over 10 million dogs and cats are killed for their meat every year across Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam, many of them are stolen pets or stray dogs and cats taken from the streets.

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Risk to communities

In addition to animal cruelty concerns, the dog and cat meat trade also has a devastating impact on local communities, where the presence of the trade leads to increased risk of exposure to criminal activities and violence, not to mentioned heightened public health risks due to the documented spread of zoonotic diseases such as rabies and other pathogens.  

FOUR PAWS is calling for an end to the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia in order to protect animals, people and local communities, as well as tourists.

Risk to the travel industry

We are all now acutely aware of the risk of the spread of viruses to humans from unregulated, cruel live animal markets, such as COVID-19. The dog and cat meat trade poses a significant risk of spreading diseases to humans due to the unsanitary and brutal conditions the animals are kept in after capture, the mixing of wild and domestic species at markets and the cross-border transportation of animals for sale and slaughter. Before the dog and cat meat trade becomes the source of the next pandemic – killing millions of people and bringing entire industries and countries to a halt - we need strong and unified steps to bring about desperately needed change. 

If the travel industry is to ‘build back better’ successfully, the dog and cat meat trade must be a part of discussions around responsible tourism and recovery strategies. 

But the good news is, there is a way travel companies can be a part of the solution, and many have already taken the first step. 

The first 24 travel companies and trade associations from around the world to  our Travel Industry Pledge to #ProtectMillions from the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. And the list is growing every day! Find out more!  

How can you help?

The global tourism sector can be a vital influence to create long term change. Together we can convince policymakers and the governments of Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia to end the dog and cat meat trade for good. 

FOUR PAWS has written to the UNWTO and World Health Organisation (WHO) to urge for governments to end the trade due to of the significant public health risks it poses, and to help the travel industry build back better. We are also engaging with government departments of animal health and tourism, working with them on solutions – such as helping slaughterhouse operators find alternative livelihoods, rescuing animals, and leading on local awareness campaigns. 

The first step is a simple declaration to protect millions of tourists, local communities, and pets from the dangers of the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia.

Here’s what to do: 

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