Why you should choose a cat  

Especially a rescue cat! 


Cats are one of my favourite animals. Big cats or domestic (house) cats. My favourite type of cats are rescue cats. All 5 of my cats are rescues! Rescue cats are unique and are often many different colours. They are also extremely cute (like all cats)!!!

So why should you adopt a rescue or shelter cat? 

When you adopt a rescue cat or kitten, you save more than just one life. By taking one cat home with you, you open up a space for another cat/kitten to be cared for in the shelter until they themselves can find a home.

Cats, particularly older cats, are calmer in nature and can provide gentle companionship to all family members -  especially older people like grannies and grandads. My granny loves her cat so much.

Scientists have discovered that cats’ purrs can even lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, ease loneliness and promote healing in humans.

Cats are naturally lower maintenance than dogs and require very little training. They don’t even need to be taught how to use their litterbox or scratch their post - and they won’t chew up your favourite things. And unlike dogs, cats often prefer to keep to themselves.

While they certainly do love their humans and love spending time together, they do not require walks or constant attention as many dogs do. They just need cuddles and will definitely let you know when they want love!

If you are going to get a cat / kitten here are some of the things you will need:

  • A litterbox
  • Some cat litter
  • A cosy bed
  • A food bowl
  • A water bowl
  • Cat / kitten food
  • Some cat toys
  • And lots of love!

See my video on how you can easily make some of these toys yourself! 

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So, there you have it. If this sounds good then a cat will be PURRfect for you!

Yours in paws 


Caragh Murphy

FOUR PAWS South Africa Youth Ambassador

I started supporting FOUR PAWS when I heard about the work, they do to help all animals, big and small, all over the world.  

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