Tiger playing with enrichment

Enrichment for Big Cats

Enrichment is an important part of animal management in human care 


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There are many forms of enrichment including habitat, sensory, food and non-food enrichments. Here at LIONSROCK, we focus on environmental and behavioural enrichments. The large enclosures incorporate the natural landscape, providing their residents with opportunities to climb, roam, run and explore the different scents and textures that they may have encountered in the wild. All our tiger enclosures are fitted with pools, allowing them to cool off or play when desired. Non-food or toy enrichments are placed into enclosures, to encourage manipulation and playing while providing them with new and exciting smells and activities. The boomer balls and hessian rolls infused with their preferred spices or scents are good examples. Animal care takers also place scent trails within the enclosures, while our creative volunteers build paper mâché “animals” to entice the hunting instincts out of our big cats. It can, however, be as simple as changing where the animal’s food is placed. 

To watch them playing with the enrichment is not only enjoyable for the observer but essential to allow for improvements in the future and to ensure the safety and well-being of our animals. This should always be at the forefront, from the creation of devices to the method of implementation. All materials need to be biodegradable, digestible and non-toxic and should not pose any threat to the animal. 

In the end, enrichment gives our animals the opportunity to engage mentally and physically, in a healthy and safe manner that encourages them to be the big cats that they were born to be, albeit in a captive situation.

Environmental enrichments

  • Social – conspecifics, except in special cases
  • Species appropriate enclosures – opportunity to hide, climb, swim, shade
  • Long-term, fixed structures – require resources such as manpower, machinery, money, expertise

Behavioural enrichments

  • Food enrichments
  • Sensory enrichments (olfactory, visual, auditory)
  • Toys/Non-food enrichments
  • New food enrichments
lioness with enrichment

toys, Spice and everything nice

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