Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream 

Indulge in homemade vegan chocolate ice cream. 

2 serves
15 minutes

You will need a blender or food processor for this recipe. 


  • 2 x cups of frozen, sliced bananas (this equals about 2 or 3 bananas depending on their size)
  • 2 ½ good quality cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla 
  • 2 tablespoons mylk (you can use any plant mylk you like, we used soy mylk)
  • A good pinch of salt


  • Add all your ingredients, except for the mylk, into the blender. 
  • Start blending and add the mylk bit by bit, depending on the consistency you want. 
  • Continue blending until smooth.
  • You can add a bit of sugar, salt or crumble in some vegan chocolate biscuits to taste. Add a dash of mylk if you feel it needs some help to become smoother or creamier. 
  • Once you have your desired consistency and taste, eat immediately OR place in a freezable container and pop in the freezer for later. 

You can add extra sugar or Oreo cookies, or any vegan chocolate biscuits, if you want a sweeter or more chocolaty taste. 

We added 2 x Oreo biscuits at the end of whizzing process, after tasting mixture and wanting it a bit more chocolatey. 

  • This recipe is for 2 good portions of ice cream. Double the recipe as needed, depending on how many servings you need.
  • You need frozen slices of banana. Peel, slice and pop your bananas in the freezer a few hours or even day before you plan to whizz up some ice cream. Alternatively, always have a few bananas in your freezer. If you see them going brown, pop in freezer for a sweet treat later in the week. Pealing and slicing a frozen bananas is a bit tricky but doable.

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