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Our food choices has a direct impact on the lives of animals, our health and the planet as a whole. FOUR PAWS is dedicated to raising awareness about how we can help animals by making more compassionate food choices.

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By implementing the 3Rs principle: Reduce, Refine and Replace, while highlighting the most animal-friendly diet – which is plant-based – we have the power to positively influence the lives of billions of animals worldwide.

The more conscious we are about what we buy and eat, the more we can reduce animal suffering.

Animal Welfare & Nutrition

What has diet got to do with animal welfare?


World Hunger

The more meat we eat, the fewer people we can feed


Environmental Impact of Meat Consumption

How does eating meat impact on the environment?


Worth knowing about nutrition

Food which contains pig

Unsuspecting foods that contains animal ingredients


Interview Hartmut Kiewert

How humans and farm animals can co-exist within society, and the role our diet plays in this.


Why are farm animals treated differently?

Have you ever wondered why we treat some animals as our friends and others as food?


Interview John Bayley

Secret insights from a compassionate catering service


Clean Meat

Science developed Artificial Meat without killing animals


Details Clean Meat

Meat production without killing animals: background info on 'Clean Meat'


A bonding affair

Family bonds are not exclusive to humans.


Hosting an animal-friendly event

Whether it’s a birthday party, a baby shower or a wedding, planning events can be a challenge because there are so many details to keep track of and wishes to fulfill.


What you need to know about Vitamin B12

Care is especially important for vegetarians and vegans


10 ways to rock an animal friendly BBQ

It’s hot, it’s sizzling and it's delicious!


Slaying the protein myths

Things you should know about plant-based protein


8 tips to spread kindness through your food choices

Do good with good food


11 Must-Have Kitchen Ingredients

Animal-friendly, tasty and quick dishes from the pantry


delicious recipes

Animal-friendly &  tasty

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